5 Tips for Protecting Your Store During the Holidays

5 Tips for Protecting Your Store During the Holidays


The holiday season entails more customers and more revenue but also, unfortunately, more thieves. Taking security and safety seriously is a year-round job, but during this festive time of year placing more focus on these important tasks is even more vital. So, how do you keep your store welcoming and safe for your loyal customers while keeping the ones with bad intentions at bay? Here are five tips to secure your retail store during the holidays.

Train all employees on safety and security protocols

Employees pulling in different directions when it comes to security protocols is a recipe for disaster. Devise a training program that clearly outlines safety and security procedures and follow that up with thorough training. This includes dealing with shoplifters and proper measures to take in the case of an armed robbery. You don’t want to fear the worst, but proper training can save money and more importantly lives.

Properly maintain or install a surveillance system

CCTV is a must for a retail establishment to protect its assets and employees. During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, CCTV will become your shining star when it comes to loss prevention. If you already have a system in place, ensure that all security cameras are operational and completely cover your store and perimeter. Eliminating blind spots with extra cameras can be the difference in stopping and identifying shoplifters or letting them slip away into the night. And if you don’t have a system, here’s an early holiday gift idea, purchase one and include professional installation.

Verify seasonal employees

In the rush to hire seasonal employees in anticipation of the holiday blitz, sometimes background checks and other security measures are skipped. Don’t take shortcuts. Most seasonal employees are hardworking people who will benefit your store greatly, but don’t let your guard down. Keep your thoroughness intact during the holidays. You’ll thank yourself later.

Hire additional security staff

Consider bolstering your security staff with additional personnel. And if you don’t have security, contemplate hiring at least one to assist with the extra risk of shoplifting. Having a dedicated, well-trained security officer at your store can ease the pressure off your other employees and make dealing with thieves a bit easier.

Secure your computersf

Let’s face it, you’re going to be busy during the holidays. And with the addition of new staff coupled with more customers, computer safety can be totally forgotten. But this is the very reason you need to safeguard your digital assets during this hectic time. Between new employees and patrons wondering into areas they are not permitted, updating passwords and training on proper digital security measures is a must.

Even though the holiday season presents a whole host of unique challenges, if you prepare properly, security issues can be mitigated.  Less thefts and increased employee safety will make for a truly festive season.

November 12,2019

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