The 5 Most Incredible Burglaries Caught on Camera

The 5 Most Incredible Burglaries Caught on Camera


From our homes to our businesses, we all know the importance of personal safety and asset protection. When it comes to retail merchandise with a lot of customer traffic, it can be especially easy to have a few items go “missing” here and there. Owners of businesses and retail stores deserve to have the peace of mind that comes from keeping track of products and materials. Hiring security and training employees to spot crime are excellent precautionary measures, but living in the digital age has allowed for another option. The videos described below are the most incredible burglaries caught on camera, proving it’s definitely worth it for businesses to consider installation of a surveillance camera system in Birminghamor anywhere else.

Suspect Steals to Burglarize Verizon

In Jacksonville, Florida, a woman was caught on camera stealing tools and materials from the local supermarket. Why? To commit yet another burglary nearby. The culprit stopped at a Verizon retail store to steal several cell phones. It’s amazing what lengths some people go to for a quick buck, but no one can deny such futility when a good camera system is on location to record the crimes.

Shoplifting Caught on Tape

One incredible video has been viewed over a million times, perhaps for the seemingly simplicit crime committed. A woman is caught quickly and efficiently stuffing clothing under her shirt to avoid purchasing it. This incident is an excellent example as to why retail security systems in Marietta are never a bad idea.

Breaking into East Naples Business

Fortunately, We Roll Tobacco Emporium had a security camera system in place when intruders broke into their business. The thieves smashed through the door of the family business and attempted to damage the cameras. Surprisingly, even with all of the potential merchandise the thieves could have stolen, they only made off with a few hundred dollars’ worth of merchandise including a water pipe and vaping liquids. For that, this can be considered one of the most incredible burglaries.

Burglars Steal Priceless Cookbooks

Perhaps the most emotional video in this list of burglaries caught on tape, a family business loses precious assets thought to be locked securely in a safe. Well, when the safe itself is stolen, the family recipes upon which the entire business was founded are stolen, too. The business owner even offered a reward for the returned cookbooks, noting the pricelessness of such a treasure. Though tragic, it’s still an incredible burglary for its sentimentality. Though it’s improbable to expect surveillance to prevent every single crime, this video reminds us of the potential usefulness of restaurant or bar security camera systems here in Marietta.

Breaking into Two Safes

Lastly, consider this ridiculous burglary at a gas station. This video captures the deftness and unfortunate efficiency of what appear to be professional thieves. Bringing the right tools for their task, they break into two heavy-duty safes unnervingly quickly. Such an undertaking is a great ending to this list of incredible burglaries.

January 01,2018

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