5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Surveillance System 

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Surveillance System 


5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Surveillance System 

Theft, customer dissatisfaction, and employees who don’t follow protocol can all cost your business a significant portion of profits. Many of these problems can be hard for one manager to detect. Commercial wireless security cameras provide extra pairs of eyes to improve the overall safety and earnings of your business in these five ways.

1. Deter Criminals

The best security cameras for business are highly visible to deter theft. Criminals want to choose a target that seems easy to break into and get away without being caught. A clearly visible camera may prevent criminals from attempting to break in.

2. Evidence of Theft

Even with the availability of crime deterrents like surveillance systems, a burglary happens in the U.S. about every 15 seconds. It could happen to anyone, including you. Jewelry, electronic equipment, and cash are most likely to be stolen, so you should take special care to install cameras near any of these items.

Shoplifting causes significant damage to a business’s potential profit. Even when the building is full of employees and customers, your products can be stolen. Surveillance camera systems detect this harder to notice crime.

Cameras provide video evidence to help the police investigate theft and other crimes that take place in your place of business. With good footage, you may get your stolen items back.

3. Monitor Employee Performance

Video cameras help you make sure your employees are fulfilling their assigned duties. Managers can’t watch employees 24/7, but cameras can tell you more about your employees’ productivity and behavior. For example, surveillance deters and records evidence of sexual harassment. Along with emotional distress, sexual harassment at work also results in lawsuits and loss of your company’s reputation.

Video footage can provide evidence if an employee or customer tries to fraudulently sue the business for an injury-causing accident on the business’s property. This footage can provide additional evidence to help courts determine whose fault it was, or if an injury occurred at all.

4. Improve Customer Safety and Satisfaction

Surveillance cameras make your business look professional. Customers will be comforted to know you are looking out for their safety.

Audio footage can help you learn how employees interact with customers and what makes customers satisfied or unsatisfied at your business. With this information, you can adjust policies and arrange product placement for optimum profit.

5. Supervise Your Business Even When You’re Away

Security camera installation gives you peace of mind if you need to leave the office, whether it’s a day off or a long vacation. Some systems allow you to remotely access the surveillance footage on your smart phone or laptop at any time. You can always see what’s going on in your business, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

March 05,2018

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