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4 Crimes Foiled Thanks to Video Surveillance

With security cameras becoming more common in workplaces around the world, criminals are finding it harder to get away with their nefarious deeds. In fact, nearly 7 out of 10 crimes are solved with the help of video footage. When you install retail security systems in Atlanta for your home or business, you don’t know what your camera’s going to pick up. Here are some examples of cases where security cameras helped catch the bad guys.

The Tin Foil Bandits

In Santa Catarina, Brazil, in 2016, some wise guys thought it would be a good idea to cover their bodies in aluminum foil to throw off a bank’s alarm systems. While aluminum can throw off alarm systems, the shiny metal suits do not render the wearer invisible. The bank’s CCTV security systems were not fooled.

Modern Day Cattle Rustlers

Cattle rustling isn’t just in the old west. Grand theft livestock is a real thing and it happens to this day. The problem for these two Florida men is that while the Lone Ranger doesn’t exist, security cameras do, and a trailer full of cows is a hard thing to conceal.

The Whole Thing Caught on Tape

No one knew what had happened to 22-year-old nursing student Carlesha Freeland-Gaither when she disappeared one night in Philadelphia in 2014. Fortunately, a security camera was positioned so perfectly, it caught the assailant parking his car, grabbing Carlesha, and putting her in his car. When police examined the footage, they were able to put together the pieces and rescue Ms. Freeland-Gaither uninjured.

Well, He Wasn’t Completely Naked

A man in Johns Creek, GA, went on a crime spree breaking into homes wearing nothing at all… except a cowboy hat. In this story – posted on April 1, 2014, but it’s no joke – the perpetrator, Ashdon Gibbs, broke into several homes while naked, then rummaged through people’s refrigerators and drank beers while watching Braves games. He told police he was a U.S. Marshall, but it turns out that wasn’t true.

As these stories prove, when you invest in small business security cameras in Atlanta, you never know what you’re going to find.