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Virtual Alarm Monitoring - AI Driven Event Detection

The next generation of alarm detection, AI driven event alerts significantly reduce false alarms, unnecessary calls to the police, and overall increased security.

Conventional alarm systems have trigger so many false alarms that most police forces charge for these false alarms.  With our Live Virtual Alarm monitoring, the alarm events are coming directly from the camera and into our command center where our AI analyzes the video and determines if a person is in the area.  Depending on how your system is configured we can call you or notify the police directly.

Having True AI reporting the alarm events ensures that our operators are not responding to events that don't actually require our attention. For you, that means a lower cost and a more safe and secure site.

Conventional Alarms only detect intruders AFTER they've already entered your property.

2-way communication with intruders, stop them and get them to leave before they do harm.

Immediate calls to police on verified alarms.

With our proactive approach to security we can actually prevent crime, not just report it.

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Better than Conventional Alarm Monitoring.

AI driven event detection is the future of burglar alarm monitoring.  Sending a signal when a motion detector detects something is not enough information for anyone to act on. You need actionable video to go along with it to get enforceable information, and now with the AI detection you really don't even need the motion sensor in the first place.  A Single camera is going to be the best asset businesses owners can have to manage their operations and ensure their property is actually secure.