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Seven security mistakes you are making during the holidays

This year the holidays may be a bit more challenging due to the pandemic, but in addition to the hurdles 2020 has already thrown your way, the last thing you need to deal with is theft. So, while you’re enjoying a mug of hot cocoa and singing your favorite carols, you need to make sure you are avoiding the following mistakes. Take note because a secure home, and business, will make for a jolly holiday season.

Leaving your windows unlocked

When was the last time you ensured your windows are locked? It’s easy to close a window and forget to secure it after appreciating a cool breezy day.

Oversharing on social media

It can be fun to share your holiday plans on social media, however, letting the world know you are away from your home can be a dangerous proposition.

Unloading gifts in plain view

It may not always be possible to hide your gift unloading activities but try regardless. You want to avoid advertising your big haul to the entire neighborhood.

Leaving packages on your front porch (especially without CCTV or another video surveillance option)

If you will be away from your home for long periods of time, consider using a delivery locker. Unfortunately, even when cameras are in use, thieves can be quite brazen.

Hiding a spare key

This isn’t the first time we mentioned this issue. You may think you are hiding a spare key, but in reality, you are just providing a thief easy access to your home.

Not stopping mail while on vacation

An overflowing mailbox practically screams “We aren’t home!”

No security system and/or cameras

Many of the previously mentioned mistakes can be helped simply by having a security system. A video surveillance system paired with a home security solution can help prevent burglary. And that’s helpful the entire year.

Your holiday season may be different this year, but one thing is certain, a focus on security is always vital. Avoid the previously mentioned mistakes, secure your home and have a safe holiday. To make this season even jollier, consider securing your business as well with a complete CCTV system.