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Security Cameras for Business in Marietta

cctv installation services marietaSecuring your business against theft and vandalism is important to your overall profitability. That’s why more companies are getting serious about installing business security cameras in Marietta. At Edge CCTV, we offer CCTV installation services for Marietta companies. Our security camera installation in Marietta is affordable, reliable, and top of the line. From small business security cameras for Marietta businesses to high-tech security camera installation service in Marietta for large firms, we do it all. Call today to get a quote for the installation of a surveillance camera system in Marietta.

Bar Security Camera Systems in Marietta

Keeping your bar secure and your employees safe is essential. That’s why we offer the bars in the area the best business video security systems in Marietta. From keeping an eye on business behind the bar to securing the premises inside and out, our business video surveillance for Marietta pubs and nightclubs is the best in the area. Contact us today to learn more about our systems.

Grocery Store Security Cameras in Marietta

grocery store security cameras mariettaThe grocery industry sees its fair share of theft that causes hundreds and thousands of dollars to be lost every year. Whether it’s the general public taking advantage of scan-and-go services or employees taking the idea of employee discounts a little too far, our grocery store security cameras for Marietta grocers sees it all. Take back your profits and keep an eye on potential theft. Get in touch with Edge CCTV today for a quote on surveillance services.

Restaurant Video Surveillance Systems in Marietta

Theft might not be a big deal at your restaurant, but you’re responsible for the safety and security of your patron. Restaurant security cameras at Marietta food establishments keep the premises secure, protecting the physical safety of your customers and employees while also protect the structural integrity of the building.  Did you know that installing restaurant surveillance in Marietta keeps insurance costs lower? It’s true. Insurance companies want you to take security seriously, and when you have reliable restaurant surveillance in Marietta, you save money on your policies.

Retail Security Systems in Marietta

The retail industry as a whole loses millions of dollars every year due to merchandise theft. Often, retail establishments don’t have much in the way of recourse once the items leave the store. While security tags might set off an alarm, they don’t record faces like retail store security cameras in Marietta do. Companies that invest in business security camera system installation in Marietta and make it known to customers that they’re being recorded don’t experience the same rate of theft as stores that don’t take this action. You might think your security is great as it is, and theft is part of doing business, but we’re here to tell you it’s not. Keep money from running out the door. Call us to learn more about business security camera systems for Marietta retailers.

School Surveillance Systems in Marietta

Nothing is more important that protecting the students that walk the halls of your school. It’s unfortunate that video surveillance for schools in Marietta is necessary, but it’s the world we live in today. Staying aware of who’s entering the building and what’s going on 24/7 is a must for your students’ safety. School security cameras in Marietta elementary, middle, and high schools protect students from harm and reduce your liability. If your security system needs updating, call us. We’ll send someone today to discuss the benefits of a security camera system for schools in Marietta.

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Don’t put your business at risk of theft. Keep your employees, customers, and students safe. Contact Edge CCTV today to learn more about video camera surveillance and other security options.