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Random Acts of Kindness Caught on Video Surveillance

Getting a video surveillance camera system in Marietta could prove to be the best investment your business has ever taken. It will deter robbers and thieves, it will keep your employees more honest, and it will allow you to keep watch of your place of business anytime and anywhere. These are all great reasons to get a system installed. Ask any business owner with a surveillance system installed and they will tell you that there is more to look forward to. You will also see an increase in productivity from employees. Who isn’t going to have more integrity knowing that they are being watched? The best bonus of all is that you will catch customers and employees alike doing random acts of kindness when they don’t know anyone is watching. There are so many instances where a business owner will re-watch footage and see one of these heartwarming scenes. They are not made up on YouTube. They are real, everyday occurrences that happen all around us.

Restoring Faith in Humanity

It is common to hear about the bad things that happen in your business. These are the things that customers and employees are willing to share. It is uncommon to hear about all the small acts of kindness that happen. Business video surveillance in Marietta will reveal many heartwarming stories.

There are many heartwarming stories that have been caught surveillance camera systems in Marietta. The kindness happens all the time. It may be between an employee and customer, two employees, or two customers. The result is always the same; good feelings and smiles. Examples of acts of kindness include:

  • A customer got to the cash register with the things that needed to be rung up. That’s when it was realized that the customer didn’t have enough money to pay for the items. The employee running the cash register takes out his personal wallet and hands the customer a few bills to pay for his stuff. It is easy to see the gratitude on the customer’s face as he leaves.
  • An employee is running behind on stocking the shelves. Another employee works a little faster in their area and quickly hurries over to help them finish their area so that it is all caught up.
  • An older customer is having a hard time reaching something from the top shelf. A young man that was also shopping noticed the elderly customer struggling to reach that high and hurried over to help. The older customer looked so appreciative and thanked the young man.

There are hundreds of these “acts of kindness” that are caught by commercial wireless security cameras in Marietta every year. Many times, these acts go unnoticed. They are known only to the people involved. Getting a security camera installation in Marietta can restore hope and help bring to light each act of kindness that is performed.