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Five Areas of your Business that CCTV Can Secure

As a business owner, you’d like to be everywhere at once, making sure your establishment is always safe and secure. However, unless you have some type of amazing superpower, this just isn’t possible. That’s where CCTV comes to the rescue. This convenient video technology enables you to monitor all areas of your business, 24 hours per day. Here are five spaces you can secure with CCTV. And no cape is necessary.

Front entryway

It makes sense that the front door to your business should be monitored. Knowing who comes and goes is vital in ensuring your facility is secure. Additionally, if a security breach does occur, you’ll have video proof of when they entered and exited your establishment. This can be vital in an investigation.

Back or side entrances

If you have additional entry points to your business, these should be monitored just as closely as your front door. This is usually a factor in larger buildings, but also, in smaller operations like restaurants that offer the convenience of multiple entry and exit points. Extra convenience for your customers, unfortunately, also means additional opportunities for thieves to escape without notice. That’s where a well-positioned CCTV camera can save the day.

Stock rooms

Leaving your stock room unmonitored is never a good idea. If you notice items are going missing, you can simply review your CCTV footage to reveal the culprit. Lacking video capabilities means you’ll either be forced to assign someone to physically secure your stock room or play a guessing game as to who is walking away with your merchandise. CCTV seems like a better option. Don’t you think?

Parking lots

Monitoring parking areas is good practice for employee and customer safety. Also, you can keep your eye on suspicious activity that may eventually become a threat to your business. Many thieves will stake out an establishment for days before making a move. In total, having CCTV capabilities in your parking areas overall is vital for securing your business and protecting its most precious commodity, people.

View and record transactions

Most of your employees are probably upstanding and honest people. But occasionally you’re going to hire someone who doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Enter CCTV.  Just the mere mention of video surveillance can deter would-be thieves from committing their acts. So, before money, credit cards, or other sensitive customer information grows legs and walks out of your business, monitor your transaction areas with CCTV. You’ll not only help prevent employee theft; you can also prosecute those caught red-handed with confidence when you have video proof.

These are just five examples of how CCTV can secure your business. If you would like to learn more about CCTV and how it can help make your business a safer and more secure place, contact us today. Well, unless you have that superpower.