Employee Theft vs Shoplifting and How Cameras Can Help

Employee Theft vs Shoplifting and How Cameras Can Help


Retail businesses of all shapes and sizes would be smart to invest in trusted asset protection. The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention estimates $13 billion worth of stolen goods are stolen every year, and culprits include customers, employees, and even upper-level management. Apparently, many thieves get away with their crimes with no one the wiser. Even e-commerce isn’t completely safe. Online retailers still have to worry about their staff and guests who visit the manufacturing/shipping location. There are some measures to take, so if you’re a retail business owner, you’re in luck. There are many strategies to reduce the probability of theft by an employee—background checks, interview screening, and reference verifications. Asset protection staff can prevent a significant amount of theft through training and dedicated observation. The truest method of theft deterrent, though, is having a visible presence of business security camera systems throughout your retail building.  

Keeping Secure

Even if your staff of employees and managers is like trusted family to you as an owner, it’s still a good idea to maintain visible cameras to ward off any temptation of walking out of the building with your merchandise. Sometimes personal bills and expenses get tough for your employees (including managers), and even the noblest of hearts might start to consider “getting something for nothing” through your product. This can be as simple as placing an item in his or her car or clothing without purchasing it. This can be as ongoing as a cashier consistently missing $5 to $10 from the drawer. Whatever form the temptation takes in his or her mind, it is up to you to present your retail space as secure and protected as you can to deter such acts.


It might be tough to feel like you have to distrust your customers, but it’s still good practice to do so. That means all of your customers—even your favorites. Don’t be distracted by familial attitudes of some of your loyal shoppers. While you don’t need to specifically treat every customer as a suspect, to protect your merchandise you should go ahead and prevent every theft opportunity anyway. Business security camera system installation could be your answer for long-term theft prevention.   If you are hesitant about making your employees feel controlled or stifled, don’t forget that they are signing up to work for you, which means signing up to work in your space with or without security cameras. Most people have become accustomed to security monitoring in this day and age. Besides, if your guests and employees are truly innocent, they shouldn’t worry about the cameras anyway. Don’t become a part of shoplifting statistics. If you want to take asset protection seriously, it is worth considering business security cameras here in Birmingham as a viable option for your retail location.

November 20,2017

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