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Changes in Video Security in the Last 15 Years

Security is one of the most important, yet easily forgotten elements of any successful business. Without quality security systems and teams, your business would be left with no way to prevent crimes, and little ability to catch those criminals. Thanks to modern CCTV systems, business owners can feel more secure than ever from threats, both inside and outside of their companies. However, it hasn’t always been this simple, as there have been many changes in the security field throughout the years, making this more efficient and convenient. Here are some in the changes in the CCTV field over the last decade and a half.

In the Cloud

Years ago, if you wanted to record the happenings in your business, you would need to purchase tape for every camera, and replace them constantly to keep recording. Over time, these would all have to be stored somewhere, which can be costly for a business that is low on space. Modern business security cameras in Atlanta have solved this problem, by recording 24 hours a day and storing the video digitally. This can be kept in the cloud, or on storage on site.

Either way, this allows for many more cameras to be installed, allowing your business to be better protected against any internal or external threats that may arise, and, in the case of retail businesses, protect customers from crime taking place on your business’s property.

Better Picture

If you have ever saw CCTV footage from years ago, you might be surprised at just how difficult it would be to use any of the video. Often, the video had frame rates of as low as one frame per second, making it almost a series of slow moving pictures, rather than valuable footage. The clarity was nothing to be desired either, as more often than not, if would be difficult, if not impossible to positively ID someone based off of CCTV footage. Once again, modern technology comes to the rescue, with the ability to record footage in high definition, if so desired.

Anytime, Anywhere

Many business owners and managers have a difficult time leaving the office, especially when it requires them to trust that nothing will go wrong while they are out. Now, it may be impossible to fully be able to tune out, which is why many security systems can view remotely built into the system, allowing you to see what is going on in your business any time of day, even on your phone, wherever you are. This adds a level of security business video security systems never before seen.

With modern security systems, a balance between outright security and convenience for users has been struck, allowing business owners to feel more secure than ever before. Future advancements in technology are sure to offer even better features than those seen today, in ways we can’t yet imagine.