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Car Dealership Security Cameras Catch Carjackers

Dealerships as Targets

It may seem odd for carjackers to target car dealerships. After all, these facilities often have very advanced security measures in place and vehicles kept locked and inaccessible to the general public. However, this crime is more common than one would think. Tales of salespeople being dragged as thieves make off with a vehicle, and stories of associates taken along for the ride when a test drive turns into a carjacking, happen all too often. Atlanta is a mobile city powered by automobiles rather than public transportation, car dealerships are plentiful, making the need for security cameras more and more relevant.

Your Staff

If you own a car dealership in Marietta, and you do not have a security camera system in place, you need to make it a priority sooner rather than later. Here are a few facts to be aware of. First, you need to put your sales staff first. Most people who come to a car dealership to try out a vehicle have only that task in mind, but others are on a more nefarious errand. It’s not as if these people must pass a background check in order to take a car out, though. You want to be hospitable to potential customers, so you don’t lose their business to the dealership down the street. You, as a dealership owner, have no way of tracking their whereabouts and no real idea of who they are with most of the time. A camera system can allow you to watch which way they are headed when they leave the lot and give you a good idea of what the potential customer looks like should you need to know later.

Your Assets

You also need to be cognizant of the fact that a test driver is leaving the lot with one of your next most valuable assets. An outdoor, weather-resistant camera system will allow you to keep an eye on anyone nosing around your vehicles, and if they do happen to get into one and drive away, you’ll have their face on tape for the police later. So, if you own a car dealership in A-Town, you’ll want to first watch this video on carjacking at car dealerships so you can see how easily this crime can happen: Then, you’ll want to find a security camera installation service in Atlanta and make sure your staff and assets are safe.