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The Best Places for Hidden Security Cameras

 Your business’s security camera system is only as good as the placement of the security cameras. If they don’t capture areas where you may experience loss of merchandise or other issues, they might as well be taking video of a blank wall. Understanding where to place your cameras, however, can be tricky. If you’re trying to plan a security camera installation in Atlanta, follow these tips to make sure you get the most out of your security camera system.

Look for a Clear, Unobstructed View

This might seem obvious, but finding that ideal location for your surveillance camera system takes some effort. Everything from merchandise to plants can obstruct a view and obscure or blur the image the camera takes. That leaves an opening for theft, vandalism, and even litigation. Look for a clear, unobstructed view of high-priority areas and be prepared to alter your layout if you can’t find one.

Make Them Obvious

Security cameras are there as much for deterrence as anything else. It’s true that they’re a legally admissible article of evidence, but to get there means you had something bad happen and had to go through the law enforcement and court processes. By placing your cameras where they cannot be tampered with, but are clearly visible, you create an environment where most people up to no good or contemplating no good will think twice. It’s not foolproof, but most people will not willingly put themselves on camera committing a firing offense or a crime. Make sure that your security camera installation service in Atlanta places your cameras in areas visible enough to warn people that they’re on camera.

Maximize Height and Angles Outside

External cameras need to be placed where they can easily monitor a wide swath of your property without obstruction. That is not all you have to consider, though. Angles, lighting, even the business of the area you want to video can compromise the footage taken. You want your security cameras to capture the area you want to watch, but be placed in a way that they capture the largest amount of footage so they can be effective. That means, for example, positioning your camera at an angle that almost looks down on anyone or anything in the viewing area, but not in a position to get interfered with by light.

Focus on Low Traffic Areas Inside

Of course, you want to cover high-traffic areas with a lot of merchandise as well as cash registers, but you also want to place your cameras to capture lower traffic areas like stairwells and hallways. You should also make sure you have signage that announces the presence of the video camera system.

Security cameras can deter crime and other unwanted actions, but they have to be placed where they can be the most effective. If you’re mapping out camera placement for your security camera installation in Atlanta, follow these rules to make sure you get the most out of your video camera system.