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Back to School Month – Security Camera Funding for Schools

As a school administrator, you know better than most that safety in schools has been a major concern over the past few years, with the best security measures and methods being a top hot button topic of conversation throughout the country. There are many advantages to installing a surveillance camera system at any school.

Unfortunately, school administrators and stakeholders often overlook these options or neglect to consider them in the first place in the face of other immediate responsibilities and needs. However, the benefits of enhancing school security with a camera system cannot be overstated. Here are a few advantages of working with experienced security professionals to have a robust security system installed at your school right away.

Monitor Student Behavior

There are many reasons to have a security system installed in your school, not the least of which is to more closely monitor student behavior. Having a system in place that archives footage can be extremely helpful when it comes to any incident regarding a student’s behavior towards another student. Conflicts between students and teachers may often arise as well, and having video surveillance installed in each classroom throughout the school can help protect honest educators from false accusations by disgruntled students.

Provide Video Evidence

When incidents arise at the school and parents and/or law enforcement must get involved, it’s tremendously helpful to have video documentation of the incident. As a school administrator, when incidents or behavioral problems come up with the students at your school, the circumstances may be a case of “he said/she said” without video or photographic proof.

With a security system, on the other hand, you’ll be able to discuss specific information with the parents and show them firsthand what happened. This also protects the school from liability in the rare case that an event occurs on school property requiring law enfvorcement involvement.

Keeping Record of Students

Unfortunately, there are events where kids go missing for one reason or another. When this is the case, having video that clearly shows where the student was last seen and when is extremely helpful. It can aid law enforcement with their case and point them in the right direction, or it can help parents figure out a time frame of their child’s activity throughout the day.

Trespassing and Vandalism

While it’s highly unlikely that a student will go missing, it’s far more likely that your campus will be the victim of vandalism at some point by students who resort to vandalism as a way of expressing themselves. Having a surveillance camera system in place will help you find out who is responsible. Furthermore, in the event of trespassing, a camera system will help you figure out who was responsible, and the time when they trespassed. This is one of the most important aspects of school safety.

There are numerous benefits to setting up school security cameras in Atlanta. For the safety of your students and staff, work with a reputable and highly qualified security company today to find out what you can do as a school administrator to keep your school a safe place for people to work and to study.